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Issue 23, July 2019

In this edition:

Landmark report calls for better support for multiple-birth families

The number of families having multiple babies – twins or more – has doubled in the last 40 years, but the support and advice provided to those families needs to catch up, according to the first-ever international collaborative report of multiple-birth agencies led by Twins Research Australia. Find the report’s key findings here.

Why identical twins can differ in their school progress

Are your identical twins quite different when it comes to their progress in reading, writing, and numeracy at school? Because identical twins are a 100% genetic match, it is expected they'll be much similar in their academic results. But Professor Brian Byrne explains why this isn't always the case. Read more

Your genetic makeup has little impact on your dental health

Environmental factors rather than genes have greater impact on tooth decay, according to new findings from an Australian study of nearly 350 twin children. Researchers say it is important to understand causes and to prevent childhood tooth decay otherwise it can impact health in later life. Learn more here.

A twin study that’s out of this world

NASA has taken twin research to new heights – conducting an historical study of identical twins where one brother stayed on Earth while the other spent a year orbiting the planet. Researchers investigated what a year in space does to the human body. Discover what they found here.

Our 2019 appeal: support research into multiple-birth-specific health issues

Many thanks to our members who volunteer to take part in research studies. We are also very grateful to members who express their interest in making a financial gift. Your gift to our 2019 Appeal will support research into the most pressing concerns of multiple-birth families such as physical, mental health and financial stresses. You can make a tax-deductible donation via our online, phone or mail options here.

Join our latest studies

Learn more about our many life-changing research studies currently seeking twins around Australia. These include genetic influences on physical activity and movement, factors in resilience, causes of Restless Legs Syndrome, the dynamics of brain development, men’s health, and the nature and nurture of singing ability. Find more details here.

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