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Issue 18, Christmas 2017

In this edition:

Best wishes for the festive season & 2018 

Thank you for being part of what has been a milestone year for us including: changing our name to better reflect our unique research with twins; giving our members a voice on future research priorities at our Twin Community Forum; and focusing national attention on twin research through programs on ABC and SBS-TV.

All the while, we continued to support long-running and new studies that are helping to improve the lives of many. None of our work would be possible without twins and their families. Our heartfelt thanks to you and our best wishes for a safe, happy festive season and 2018.

A unique study for junior twins this school holidays

Would your twins like to experience a research study this school holidays? A study at Melbourne’s Austin Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital is seeking to understand the causes of speech disorders. It is open to twins, identical and fraternal, aged from 5-11 years where one or both have a speech disorder. Learn more here.

Other studies currently seeking twins include: brain ageing in older Australians; the impact of parent mental health on child mental health; factors in the development of autism spectrum disorder; insomnia and back pain; genetic and environmental influences on temperament; genetics of epilepsy; and twins’ health and lifestyle. Learn more here.

Five discoveries we can thank twins for

Did you know that our research together now spans over 230 studies and 35 years? Twins have made a difference to just about every field of medical research. Twins Research Australia Director, Professor John Hopper, pays tribute to our researchers and twin members through history, and nominates Five discoveries we can thank twins for.

Twin episode now available on ABC-TV's Catalyst

Our researchers and twin members featured in this recent fascinating episode of ABC-TV’s science program, Catalyst. If you missed it, don’t worry – it is now available on iView. As the program explains, “revealing the secrets of this extraordinary group of people may just help us all live a longer, healthier life”. We couldn’t agree more!

Twin researcher receives highest honour

Twin researcher, Professor Sam Berkovic, who has involved our twin members in his world leading epilepsy research for nearly 30 years, recently received one of medicine’s highest honours. Named an international member of the prestigious US-based National Academy of Medicine, this honour reflects his global contribution to improving the lives of millions of people with epilepsy and their families. Learn more.


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