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Issue 24, September 2019

In this edition:

Twin study finds red wine benefits linked to better gut health

Cheers to twins for helping in this study! While not everyone drinks (and we are not advocating that they do!), this study found that people who drank red wine had an increased gut microbiota diversity (a sign of gut health) compared to non-red wine drinkers, as well as an association with lower levels of obesity and 'bad' cholesterol. Learn more

Moles and melanoma – Is the sun the real culprit after all?

Twins are helping us to understand how genes may have a greater influence than previously thought not only on the number of moles you have but also where they are on your body. Learn more

Twins share 100th birthday and their secret to longevity

For 100 years, Canberra twins - Concie Marshall and Leila Moag – have lived within 100 metres of each other on the same street. They say the secrets to their longevity are a good sense of humour and eating mashed potato sandwiches!  The twins talk about their lives together in this video

Raising quads and quins: the challenges and triumphs

What happens after four or more siblings share a womb? This fascinating episode of SBS-TV’s Insight considers the challenges and triumphs of families of quadruplets and quintuplets - from pregnancy and birth, to parenting and growing up. Watch now at SBS On Demand; episode here

Find out about our latest studies

Learn more about our life-changing research studies seeking twins around Australia. These include genetic influences on physical activity and movement, factors in resilience, causes of Restless Legs Syndrome, the dynamics of brain development, men’s health, and the nature and nurture of singing ability. Many of these studies have finished recruitment for this year but are looking for twins who are interested in participating in the future. If you’ve already received an invitation to participate, it’s not too late to send us your response! More details here.

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